DIY Assistance

jesse-orrico-1848031440With our DIY Assistance Program, you have the confidence of a professional, while personally accomplishing the work. With the added benefit that your sweat equity produces a significant discount. Truly “full service” is our goal.

The idea for this program came when we were asking ourselves what being a full-service landscaping company meant. Is it providing every service under the sun? Is it doing more and more elaborate designs? Is it utilizing cutting edge industry technology? MAYBE……

We discovered there is a missing element to “full-service” and that there is no middle ground. You either hire someone to take on the full job with all the cost associated with it, or you watch a bunch of videos on the internet, rent a pile of tools and hope that what they sold you at the big box store turns out. There is NO middle ground.

We believe in this middle ground is where we found what it means to be “full-service.” Working hand in hand with our customers is the best way to provide consumer education, product knowledge and customer service. The great thing about this service is we can help at any stage of the process. Whether you are just starting out, half way through and in a bind, or wrapping up the final details that compliment your hard work.

With DIY Assistance You Receive:

  • Experienced Labor
  • Industry Specific/Professional Tools and Equipment
  • Essential/Proper Safety Equipment (PPE)
  • Expert Project Planning and Advice
  • Available 7 Days A Week
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